Egerton Registration and Summer Fun Day

Sun, 29 Jun 2014
from 10:30am to 4:00pm

by Egerton Football Club
Posted: almost 6 years ago
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Time zone: UTC
Ends: 04:00pm (duration is about 6 hours)

Our Annual Registration and Summer Fun Day takes place on Sunday 29th June this year.

Anyone wishing to register to play in a team at Egerton next season should register on this day. This will ensure that we are aware of player numbers for next season and can plan our resources and facilities appropriately. No other registration event will take place.

Registration after that date will incur an administration fee to process so please be aware.

If you cannot make the day please arrange to obtain forms from your Manager in advance and have them returned to the club by 29th June.

Subscriptions for next year are £210 (the same as last year) and can be paid in full on the day or in 2 payments of £105

Two passport size photos will be required for Registration and can be purchased on the day at a cost of £3.50 for 4

If you require any further information please contact info@egertonfootballclub.co.uk


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